Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I cancel my policy?

    Contact your agent or mail us a request. It’s important to name the specific date of cancellation. We also need to know if your mailing address has changed. Although not mandatory, we would like to know the reason for cancellation. We cannot cancel a policy by phone.

  • What does an umbrella policy cover?

    An umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage for the named insured. Primary policies generally cover bodily injury and property damage. The umbrella policy will kick in after the liability limit in one of the underlying primary policies, such as a homeowner or auto policy, runs out. The umbrella policy will cover the insured above the amount of an underlying policy up to the coverage limit selected for a covered claim.

  • How do I get a commercial quote?

    Contact one of our agents in your area to have them get a quote for you. Find an agent near you.

  • Do I need to run all questions, changes, claims, etc. through my agent’s office before I can call the home office?

    No, but we do encourage communication between the agent and insured.

  • When should I make changes to my policy?

    Your agent can give you recommendations on this topic. Some reasons include:

    • If you move, change phone numbers, change mortgagees or want to change any of the optional coverages on your policy.
    • If you change, remove or add wood heat of any kind.
    • If the named insured changes due to the death of an insured, a divorce, or marriage.
    • If the property becomes vacant.
    • If you have an owner occupied policy and the adults living on premises change.
    • If you move out of your home and allow somebody else to live in it.
    • If the value of your property changes significantly. It is your responsibility to make sure you carry enough coverage on your property. It is a good idea to have your home appraised periodically to be sure you carry enough coverage.

  • What factors impact the premium of my policy?

    The age of your home, the fire protection class, the wind experience across the state and the total experience of the statistical group in which you are placed all affect the rating of your policy.

  • How do I change agents?

    We require a signed written request to change agents. The agent you are transferring to can submit your signed Change Agent of Record request.

  • Who is my agent? How do I contact him/her?

    Your agent’s name and contact information is on your declarations page and your invoice.

  • How much home insurance do I need?

    Many questions need answered to determine how much coverage you need. One of our professional agents can assist you in that determination. Find an agent near you.

  • What states do you write business in?

    Missouri is currently the only state in which Barton Mutual is licensed to write business.

  • What types of businesses does Barton Mutual insure?

    We write small commercial accounts, including retail, office, service, churches, apartments, warehouses, restaurants, motels/hotels, light manufacturing and contractors. Contact your agent to discuss any of our commercial products and to get a quote. Find an agent near you.

  • What type of property does Barton Mutual insure?

    We insure homes, mobile homes, farms, rentals, seasonals, small commercial risks and vacant properties within the state of Missouri. Contact an agent for a quote on your property. Find an agent near you.

Disclaimer: These FAQs do not replace or override the wording in your policy. You should read your dec page and policy for specific policy provisions, limitations and exclusions. For a complete explanation of coverages, please consult one of our licensed agents.

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