Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make a payment?

    Barton can accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover or a check by phone. Call 417-843-6265 and press 2 to take advantage of these payment options (Monday-Friday from 8:00-4:30). We are pleased to offer these additional payment methods at no added cost to you! You are also welcome to mail a check to our office in the envelope provided with your billing. Your agent can also accept a check or credit card payment for us.

  • What are the payment options and the fees?

    Annual (Full Pay) - no billing fee

    Semi-Annual (2 Pay) - $4 billing fee per billing

    Quarterly (4 Pay) - $4 billing fee per billing

    Monthly - $1 billing fee per billing. The monthly payment option must be automatically drafted from a bank account. Use the Bank Draft Authorization Form to enroll in this option.

  • Can I make a payment online?

    If your policy number begins with three letters (ART, HOP, etc.), you can set up an online account and make a payment online! Go to to sign up. You will need a declarations page or an invoice handy in order to get the required information to set up the account. If your policy number is six digits or begins with a single C or W, it is still in our old software and cannot be paid online. For any policy with us, you may call our office to make a free payment over the phone with your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or a check. You may also go to your agent’s office to make a payment.

  • Can I make a partial payment on my bill?

    If you pay less than the invoice amount, we may change your billing mode to the payment option that most closely meets the balance paid. The lowest amount you can pay is two month’s premium, but then you must enroll in monthly pay, which can only be done by automatic bank draft.

  • Do you charge an additional fee to make a payment over the phone?

    No! It is free to make a payment by phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and checks by phone. Call 417-843-6265 and press 2 to take advantage of these convenient payment options (Monday-Friday from 8:00-4:30).

  • How do I change my billing mode?

    If you wish to enroll in the monthly option, please fill out the Bank Draft Authorization Form and send it in to our office with two months premium. If you wish to change to a different mode, please call our home office or your agent.

  • My payment was late. Can my policy be reinstated?

    A policy canceled for non-payment may be reinstated (subject to company approval). The policyholder must submit a signed Statement of No Losses. After receipt of the statement, we will accept payment and a $25 fee will be charged.

  • What is the overnight billing address?

    PO Box 99 / 120 S Main Street, Liberal, MO 64762

Disclaimer: These FAQs do not replace or override the wording in your policy. You should read your dec page and policy for specific policy provisions, limitations and exclusions. For a complete explanation of coverages, please consult one of our licensed agents.

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