Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my mortgagee listed on my check?

    We have a contractual duty to list the mortgagee on the check since they also have an interest in the property. You should contact your mortgage company for instructions on how to handle the endorsement and deposit of the check.

  • The estimates I've obtained for my repairs exceed the adjuster's appraisal, what should I do?

    Contact our claims department before starting any repairs, obtain two estimates and send them to us for review. It’s imperative that you wait to make permanent repairs until we have been able to review the claim for any possible additional damage.

  • If I cannot live in my house, will you pay for me to rent a hotel room or home in the interim?

    If your policy contains coverage for Additional Living Costs, and your home is made uninhabitable by a covered loss, we will pay the additional costs of alternate living arrangements for the reasonable time it would take to repair or replace the property. By additional costs, we mean those expenses that are over and above your normal living expenses. This is subject to the coverage limit.

  • If my pipes freeze, what can I do? How can I prevent further damage?

    Take necessary measures to thaw them out. If there is a broken pipe or a water leak, shut off the water. Contact your agent immediately.

  • What do I do if I have a fire or water damage claim?

    Contact your agent as soon as possible. The claim should be promptly reported to the company so that an adjuster can commence assessment of the claim.

  • Someone was injured on my property. Should I report the claim now or wait until later?

    Your policy requires that you provide prompt notice of claim. It is in your best interest to report it as soon as possible so that we can investigate it.

  • How will I be contacted after I file my claim?

    Some claims require a field adjuster to come to your property to inspect the damages. Others, such as small theft, livestock, or lightning claims are handled from the office, and you will be contacted by telephone. In the event we are unable to reach you by phone, we will mail paperwork to you.

  • I'm not certain I have damage, should I open a claim?

    It is your decision as the insured whether or not to open a claim. If you are uncertain whether a claim should be opened, get someone to look at your damages with you to help you make a decision. Once your agent has submitted a loss notice to us a claim will be opened on your policy.

  • Is there a questionnaire or form I could refer to that would help me determine if I should file a claim?

    No resources like that exist as far as we are aware. Contact an expert or your agent to discuss the damages. Remember that your deductible applies per claim.

  • Will you hire the contractor to do my repairs or do I get to choose?

    The choice of contractor is always up to you.

  • Does my deductible apply on an annual basis or is it per claim?

    The deductible applies per claim. For example, if your deductible is $2,500 and you have a payable claim June 1, you would incur the cost of the deductible. If you had a second payable claim on July 1, you would again incur the cost of the deductible. Each time you have a claim you incur the deductible.

  • Does paying premiums guarantee that my claim will be paid?

    Paying premiums only guarantees that your policy remains in force. For a claim to be paid, it must be caused by a covered peril, policy conditions must be met and the damages must be higher than your deductible.

  • I had damages on a weekend. How can I report a claim? What repairs can I make in the meantime?

    Our regular business hours are 8:00-4:30 Monday through Friday. You can attempt to contact your agent or leave a voicemail in our after hours box. You can make temporary repairs but should not begin permanent repairs until the adjuster has inspected the property. Please save any receipts for expenses incurred due to temporary repairs.

  • How do I file a claim?

    Please contact your agent to report a claim. If you are unable to reach your agent, you may call our office to report the claim: 417-843-6265 and press 1.

Disclaimer: These FAQs do not replace or override the wording in your policy. You should read your dec page and policy for specific policy provisions, limitations and exclusions. For a complete explanation of coverages, please consult one of our licensed agents.

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