• November Employee Work AnniversariesNovember 19, 2018

    Two of the talented Barton employees joined Barton during the month of November and will celebrate a work anniversary this month.

    Gayla Charlton started working at Barton in 1979. She was one of seven employees in the office. Gayla has been an integral part of Barton’s growth over the years, and she now serves as the Systems Administrator. We are privileged that Gayla has made her career with us.

    Gary White joined Barton in 2008. He serves as a Field Manager in the area surrounding Camden County, and he was an insurance agent before coming on board with us. Gary has given us a great 10 years, and he has announced his retirement effective the end of this year. We are pleased that he has spent his final working years with us, and we wish him well in his retirement adventure!

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