• Community InvolvementSeptember 17, 2018

    Barton Mutual is proud to have been established and grown in Liberal, a small community in Southwest Missouri. Our small town has changed quite a bit over the 124 years we have been here, but our love for it has not. Many of our employees grew up in this town, and several others are transplants to the town, whether by marriage or due to their job here. Because of our strong ties to the surrounding community, we are privileged to take part in some fun activities that are happening right here.

    This past weekend was the annual festival in Liberal, which is called Prairie Days. It took place right outside the Barton Mutual office on Main Street. Through the years, several of our employees have been involved in the planning and execution of the festival. Barton Mutual made a donation this year to cover face painting for children for two hours. That activity served as a nice complement to the free balloon art, free inflatables and kids’ games. It is wonderful to see the community gather together for a day of fun activities, and many of the employees of Barton join right in.

    The youth sports league in town hosted volleyball games for 3rd-6th grade girls on Saturday morning. Barton Mutual was a gold level sponsor for the Liberal Rec League this year, which helps fund all the sports offered by the league: volleyball, basketball, and baseball/softball. We are pleased to support the community and the children in it through that program. We also try to support the school whenever possible from buying ad space in the yearbook to painting our windows to support our teams. Go Bulldogs!

    In one corner of our office, you will find an office full of snacks and reusable shopping bags. For the past several years, Barton Mutual has been pleased to partner with Lamar Community Betterment to support their backpack snack program for the schools in our county (covering Liberal, Lamar, and Golden City). The program provides bags of food to children in the schools who might otherwise go hungry over the weekend. In addition to a financial donation to the program, Barton provides the space to store the food items and package them for delivery. Employees from the company pick up the food from Lamar, bag the items in individual bags, and deliver it to the school for disbursement. We are proud of the generosity of our employees and our community members. If you would like to make a donation to the backpack program for Barton County, please send it to:

    Backpack Food Program
    c/o Suzanne Cloyed
    204 Bartlett Street
    Lamar, MO 64759

    Life in Liberal is pretty laid back and our community remains tight-knit. We hope Barton Mutual is able to stay here for at least another 124 years!

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