• The Retirement AdventureDecember 30, 2020

    Larry and Linda

    Two of our amazing employees have determined that December 31 is the end of their career journey and the beginning of the new adventure in retirement.

    Linda McKay began as a billing clerk at Barton in 1975. She worked her way up to Personal Lines Underwriter, where she remained for many years, eventually becoming Personal Lines Manager. She stepped up to fill the Director of Policy Production role for us in 2012, and she stayed there until the beginning of this year. She transitioned back to personal lines underwriting, where her passion lies. She worked in underwriting this year, spending the second half of the year training with new hires. We appreciate the service Linda has given to Barton all these years, and we wish her the best in her retirement. We’re sure to see her frequently, as she and her sister run a bakery across the street from our office. Hopefully her husband, two children and two grandchildren also benefit from her additional “free time.”

    Larry Bahr joined the Barton family in 2009 as a Personal Lines Underwriter. He came to us with several years of experience. We’ve grown to deeply appreciate Larry, especially when we have—er—plumbing issues. His title of Chief Toilet Officer (CTO) was not bestowed lightly. Even though we will miss Larry, we know he is going to enjoy his new adventure, and we still have his number saved in case we ever spot a snake anywhere near the office. We are hopeful that his new status of “retired” will afford him more time to do the things he loves and spend more time with his three children.

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