• October is Financial Planning MonthOctober 22, 2021

    Financial Planning

    Adequate insurance coverage is an important part of any financial plan. Some common areas that may be overlooked include home-based business coverage, equipment breakdown coverage, insured values on property (especially if improvements have been made), and ACV vs. replacement cost coverage. It might also be a good idea to review the deductible on your policies to be sure you are financially capable of assuming that cost in case of a covered loss. Your insurance agent can help you understand your coverages and determine if you are adequately covered in case of a loss.

    Please reach out to us if you need help understanding any of the coverages on any policy you have written with us. You can reach our office at 417-843-6265 Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Central. You can also email our Customer Service department any time.

    This information is meant to be a broad overview and should not be the only source you consult for evaluating your risk management needs. Adherence to the above guidelines does not ensure coverage under your policy, nor does it guarantee your risk will be accepted by our company or that your property or operations are safe, healthful, or in compliance with laws, rules, or regulations. Coverage is determined by specific policy provisions, limitations and exclusions that can only be expressed in the policy itself.

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