• Mutual and Loving It!May 20, 2019

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    This week, three of our staff members are attending the Farm Mutual Forum hosted by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC). This event is tailored to smaller mutual companies like Barton Mutual and provides valuable insight, networking opportunities, and important discussions with members of other mutual companies similar in size and operation. NAMIC recently published an article about small mutual companies and the impact they have on their communities and the benefits they provide to their policyholders.

    Mutuals like Barton Mutual have been around for many years. It isn’t odd to find a mutual company is over 100 years old or that the employees have served long-term. Many mutuals have their home office in smaller communities, and they feel a deep sense of connection to the area they serve. Barton Mutual writes business across the state of Missouri, with our home office located in a small town in the southwest part of our state where the company was formed in 1894. The office is literally on Main Street of Liberal, population of around 750. This makes our company stronger, because our staff members have deep ties to Liberal and the surrounding small communities. Many of our office employees are Liberal alumni who raised or are raising their families here, too. Our field adjusters are hired from the area they will serve, so the person adjusting your claim might be someone you would see in the store or a ball game in your town. When you call our office, you get to speak with a real person. That person is knowledgeable and can give you the answer quickly or find the right person who can. We also partner with independent insurance agents across the state to allow you to purchase your insurance coverage from someone with your best interest in mind. The independent agent can write with a variety of companies, which means they can help you find the best coverage for you, whether that is with Barton Mutual or a different company. You can use our agent finder to locate an agent in your area who can quote a policy for you.

    The average years of service for our office employees is 19.5 years. Our field adjusters have a lower average at 6.2 years, but we have said good bye to a few of our longer serving adjusters as they have retired over the past couple of years. Overall, Barton Mutual employees average 15.7 years of service to the company. That means when you have a policy with Barton Mutual, you can rest assured that the employees know the business and know the company.

    When you are shopping for an insurance policy, don’t forget to think mutual.

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