• July Employee Work AnniversariesJuly 08, 2019

    This month we celebrate our independence, and we are also celebrating that three people exercised their independence by choosing to work with us!

    Debbie Heitz came on board with Barton in 2001. For all of those 18 years, she has been an underwriter, working with agents across the state as they quote and write personal and commercial business with us. She had prior underwriting experience, and her expertise has proven invaluable for us. We are blessed that Debbie has given us so many years of great service!

    Karen Collier is celebrating 15 years with Barton. She started her work here in our Policy Production department, eventually moving to Accounting. In 2009, she began working as a backup for the Claims department, and that went so well they moved her to that department. She still works for Claims and fills in with accounting duties as needed, and she also takes on customer service duties a few times a week. If we’re running low on supplies, Karen makes sure we get restocked, so we also have her to thank for keeping the coffee flowing around here. We are happy to have the multi-talented Karen on our team!

    Josh Roy has been working for Barton since 2006. He hails from the Stockton area and has served as a Field Manager for the agents and insureds in that territory all 13 years. In 2016 he was made a Co-Director of Field Operations, adding supervisory and oversight duties to his normal routine of adjusting claims and inspecting properties. We tap into his knowledge and entertaining personality periodically when he presents at our annual agent meetings. Josh knows his job very well, and we are fortunate he is using his abilities to the benefit of Barton.

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