• Employee Appreciation DayMarch 01, 2019

    Today we celebrate our employees! Without each and every one of these talented individuals, we would not be where we are today. This year we celebrate 125 years in business, and many of the people working here today have dealt with both good times and bad times. The Joplin tornado in May 2011 was especially difficult for our company, both personally and financially. We survived that period of our history and have emerged a strong and vibrant insurance provider for the state of Missouriā€”and we owe thanks to many people for that, but a large chunk of that thanks needs to be showered on the employees who came to a tenuous job day after day and worked hard to provide superior service and meet our obligations. Our Heavenly Father bestowed numerous blessings upon us through that time, and each one of our employees can be counted as one of those blessings. So THANK YOU to

    Adam, 4 years
    Bob, 3 years
    Brian, 26 years
    Charla, 11 years
    Cherie, 28 years
    Cheryl, 18 years
    Dave, 1 year
    Dawn, 13 years
    Debbie, 18 years
    Dorothy, 23 years
    Dustin, 1 year
    Gayla, 40 years
    Heather, 18 years
    Jacqui, 25 years
    Jason, 12 years
    Jeremy, 1 year
    Josh, 13 years
    Karen (in Policy Production), 13 years
    Karen (in Claims), 15 years
    Larry, 10 years
    LeaAnne, 41 years
    Linda, 44 years
    Maria, 18 years
    Matt, 3 years
    Missy, 20 years
    Pam, 14 years
    Phil , 24 years
    Robin, 14 years
    Rusty, 15 years
    Tabitha, 11 years
    Teri (in Claims), 16 years
    Teri (the Field Manager), 4 years

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