• Back to School CoveredAugust 11, 2020

    college student moving into dorm

    While going back to school this year may look different than years past, some things never change—like making sure you have adequate insurance coverage for your student’s possessions. If you have a student leaving home for college, it’s a good idea to make sure their personal property will be covered while in their dorm or other type of housing. If you invested in new electronics for your student’s academic endeavors this year, you may want to consider adding coverage specifically for these items. By scheduling them on your policy, you will have broader coverage and the benefit of a lower deductible in most cases.

    If you ever have questions about what is or is not covered in your insurance policy, contact your agent. They can help you understand your coverage and contact the insurance company on your behalf if necessary. If you are covered with a Barton Mutual policy, we would be happy to help you understand the coverages in your policy. To all of our students, teachers, administrators and parents: We wish you the best in this upcoming school year!

    This information is meant to be a broad overview and should not be the only source you consult for evaluating insurance coverage or purchase. The description of coverages and programs are purposely brief and are subject to specific policy provisions, limitations and exclusions that can only be expressed in the policy itself. For a complete explanation of coverages, please consult one of our licensed agents.

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