• April Employee Work AnniversariesApril 22, 2019

    April showers bring…several great employees! This month six of our amazing employees are celebrating their anniversary with us.

    Lea Anne Meadows is our second longest serving employee. Her 41 year career has been such a blessing to us. You may recognize her as one of our friendly CSRs. She works in our Accounting department and spent several years in our Policy Production department before that. You would be hard-pressed to catch Lea Anne having a bad day, and we really appreciate her optimistic outlook on life.

    Cherie McNaught has been working for us since 1991. In her 28 years with us, she has worked in various departments, finally ending up as our Payroll/Benefits Manager. Every other Wednesday is an important day for all of us, and Cherie continues to make sure we get paid on time. Her dedication to her job speaks volumes, and we are fortunate to have her on the team.

    Jacqui Nichols has been with Barton for 25 years this month. She has worked in a variety of departments during those years, and in 2013, she was named Treasurer/CFO. While we have yet to get her to approve the purchase of an ice cream machine for the office, she does do a great job managing the budget, and we’re glad she was helping us navigate the waters of our experience since 2011.

    Rusty Smith was hired as a Field Manager for Barton in 2004. He covers the counties of Lawrence, Barry, Stone, Christian, Taney, Douglas, and Ozark in southern Missouri. As a claims adjuster, he works very well with our insureds, and he does a great job representing us to the agencies in his territory. We are thrilled to have Rusty working for us in his neck of the woods, and we are sure he is appreciated by the agents who work with him.

    Jason Wolfe is one of our Directors of Field Operations. He has worked for Barton since 2007, covering the area of the state around Springfield. His current territory includes Greene County, Webster County, Wright County, Polk County, Dallas County, and Laclede County. As one of the directors overseeing the other Field Managers, he works alongside our other Field Managers regularly. He also presents periodically at our annual agent meetings. Jason’s professionalism is appreciated, and we are confident he represents our company well.

    Teri Minshull joined the Barton family in 2015. She serves as a Field Manager in the northwest portion of the state, covering a large swath of counties for us. From adjusting claims to working with the agents in her territory, Teri demonstrates great skill in her job, and we are grateful she chose to work here.

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