• Review Your Insurance AnnuallyDecember 29, 2022

    It is a good idea to periodically (at least annually) assess how your insurance
    coverage compares to what you own or rent to and from others. A call to your
    insurance agent can assist in determining if you have adequate coverage.
    Be sure to mention what has changed since your policy was issued.

    Some changes are significant and can affect your coverage, so be
    sure and discuss any changes you have made. Adding or removing wood heat, other
    adults living in the home, renovations and purchases are examples of things you
    should discuss with your agent. Please don’t wait for a claim to happen before
    you contact your agent.

    Also consider an annual update to your personal inventory to be
    sure you have a current list of all your belongings. If you don’t already have
    a list, you can download a PDF file or order a hard copy
    booklet for tracking your home inventory from the Missouri
    Department of Insurance.

    This information is meant to be a broad overview and should not be the only source
    you consult for evaluating your risk management needs. Adherence to the above
    guidelines does not ensure coverage under your policy, nor does it guarantee
    your risk will be accepted by our company or that your property or operations
    are safe, healthful, or in compliance with laws, rules, or regulations.
    Coverage is determined by specific policy provisions, limitations and
    exclusions that can only be expressed in the policy itself.

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