• Winter Power OutageNovember 30, 2017

    During the winter, ice and storms can lead to power outage. A summary of recommendations from the American Red Cross on preparing for power outages is below. View the entire list on their website.

    • Keep coolers around to move perishable food when a power outage lasts over two hours. You could also put ice inside your refrigerator/freezer to help prolong the life of the food.
    • Consider an emergency preparedness kit. Items like water, food, batteries, first aid kits, personal hygiene items and cash are good additions. Don’t forget to keep a can of gasoline around in case you need it for your vehicle. Keep tanks full in the winter to keep the fuel line from freezing.

    This information is meant to be a broad overview and should not be the only source you consult for evaluating your risk management needs. Adherence to the above guidelines does not ensure coverage under your policy, nor does it guarantee your risk will be accepted by our company or that your property or operations are safe, healthful, or in compliance with laws, rules, or regulations. Coverage is determined by specific policy provisions, limitations and exclusions that can only be expressed in the policy itself.

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