• September Employee Work AnniversariesSeptember 10, 2018

    September has been a popular month for employees to begin working for Barton. Six of our fine employees are celebrating a work anniversary this month.

    Phil Clayton began working for us in 1995. He has served as Field Manager in Jasper, Newton and McDonald counties since his first day on the job. Through these 23 years, he has developed strong relationships with the agents in his territory, and he has worked countless claims. We really appreciate Phil and the many years he has served our company.

    Maria Kavanagh came on board with us in 2001. She handles the mail room for us and is the sole member of our Scanning department. If it’s going out or coming in, Maria can take care of it. With our efforts to reduce paper usage, some of Maria’s duties have transitioned to electronic communication with both agents and field managers. She has adapted well and maintains a positive attitude. We are thankful that Maria has chosen to stick with us for 17 years. We hope to keep her around for even more.

    Pam Mark and Robin Peckman started 13 days apart in 2005. Today you will find the two of them in our front office, greeting visitors with a smile.

    Over the past 13 years, Pam has worked for the Scanning, Accounting and Policy Production departments. She currently processes many of the personal lines applications and amendments for us. Though we aren’t sure if her many moves around the building leave her itching for frequent change or grateful to stay put for a while, we are appreciative of her willingness to move where she is needed and take on new duties for the good of the company.

    Robin has worked in the Policy Production department for all of her 13 years with us. As agents send in new applications or requests for changes, she makes sure those are imported into our software to be worked by the appropriate party. She also serves as a backup for several other functions, which helps cover duties and allow time off for other employees. We are grateful for Robin’s flexibility and sunny disposition.

    Tabitha Beaman and Charla Boehne both started with us in 2008, only five days apart. While they don’t sit near each other, they do sometimes work together to implement policy form changes in our software system.

    Tabitha currently sports three titles: Analyst, Project Manager and Director of Digital Marketing. All of those are fancy ways of saying she spends a lot of time working in Excel and online. In her 10 years with Barton, she has learned a lot, and she continues to grow in her knowledge each day as she works on multiple ongoing projects around here.

    Charla has spent her 10 years with us in Policy Production, but she has also cross-trained in the Accounting department. She currently handles our agency licensing and cancellations, as well as covering other duties as necessary. She also serves as one of our customer service representatives, which means you may get a chance to speak with her when you call. Her days are usually quite full and varied, and she handles it with great aplomb. Thankfully for us, Charla exhibits a willingness to help where she is needed, and we are glad to have her on board.

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