• Protecting Your Property from ThievesFebruary 25, 2016

    Unfortunately in this day and age, homeowners and businessowners need to be careful to protect their property. Below are a few ideas to deter criminals from choosing you as their next victim:

    If you are taking a trip, notify the local police or sheriff’s department and ask them to drive by your house. Have your mail and newspaper held until you return. Don’t post pictures or anything on social media announcing your trip. Wait until you get home to show off those vacation photos. Don’t leave a message on your home phone that you are not at home. If you are friendly with neighbors, ask them to keep an eye out while you are away and report anything suspicious to the police. Have a light on a timer to come on at night.

    There are ways to deter thieves on a daily basis also. Garages are a common entry point—make sure your garage door is closed. Get rid of tall bushes or landscaping that will give cover to someone trying to break in or look inside. Outside lighting in your yard is also a deterrent. Secure any sliding doors by placing a security bar in the track.

    Security systems are a good way to protect your property. If you don’t want to have a real security system installed, you can buy fake security cameras online. Prices start around $10.00. You can also purchase a security system sign for your yard online. If someone is looking for a home to rob and they see a security camera or sign, they will most likely keep looking for an easier mark.

    Central air conditioning units are a hot item, especially from rental property when it’s vacant. Cages can be purchased to put over the unit; if a thief has to take the time to break the locks securing it, they may move on.

    And lastly, don’t advertise! If you buy a new TV, stereo system, computer, laptop, etc., don’t leave the box out by your trash can so folks can see you have something new they might be able to sell for a profit. Walk around in your own yard and look through your windows to see what passersby can see that you have. If you have a valuable item clearly visible, you might want to move things around a bit so it’s less visible. When homes are burglarized, the master bedroom is one of the first places ransacked. Don’t keep your valuables there; move them to a less likely place in your home or other secure place.

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