• March Employee Work AnniversariesMarch 04, 2019

    Last week we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day, and today we want to celebrate the employees who joined us in the month of March.

    Dorothy Spivey started her career at Barton in 1996. She has worked in our Claims department for those 23 years, and she now serves as Chief Operating Officer, which gives her responsibility over our HR and Administration departments as well. Dorothy is a local, and we are grateful she stuck around her hometown to lend her abilities to our company.

    Dawn Slinker and Karen Pettit began work a few days apart in 2006. Both began working in Policy Production. Dawn soon transitioned to the Claims department, where she now serves as Claims Administrator. Karen remained in Policy Production and today does much of our Commercial Lines processing and serves as a Customer Service Representative. We were again fortunate to catch a hometown girl in Dawn, and we appreciate her contributions to the success of our company. Karen hails from a small town not far from Liberal, and we are glad she is willing to bring her talents to our company.

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