• February Employee Work AnniversariesFebruary 25, 2019

    Employee Appreciation Day is approaching, and we sure do appreciate these three Field Managers who started their careers with us in the month of February.

    Matt Goddard and Bob Parker began working for Barton on the same day in 2016. Both men brought valuable experience to the position, and we were excited to have found them both in the same talent search. Matt functions as a claims adjuster and property inspector in the counties north of St Louis to the Iowa border, while Bob handles St Louis proper and a few counties to the south. Both of them have been an asset to our company, and we are glad to have them on board with us!

    Dustin Fredendall was hired in 2018 and is our newest Field Manager. He has several years’ experience as an insurance adjuster, so we were fortunate to snag him. He covers counties in the north central portion of the state as a claims adjuster and property inspector. We hope he has many more years with Barton ahead!

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