• Reducing Chances of Theft This Holiday SeasonDecember 11, 2017

    If you plan to be away from home this holiday season, there are steps you can take to help reduce the risk of burglars taking advantage of your absence. Portions of this were taken from an article in U.S. News.

    1. The most obvious choice is a home security system. If you can afford a security system, spring for one. You might even qualify for a discount on your homeowners insurance if you own a security system. If you can’t afford the security system, put a sign in your yard to convince would-be burglars that you do have one.
    2. Install motion sensors on outdoor lights. This could deter a nighttime burglary.
    3. Keep noise on in the house. Leaving on a radio or TV could convince a daytime burglar that someone is in the home.
    4. Keep all doors and windows locked. Don’t leave your garage door open for extended periods, as that displays your belongings to the world.
    5. If you are going to be away, have the Post Office hold your mail and stop any newspaper deliveries. Or ask a friend or trusted neighbor to pick up your mail and papers. Nothing signals an absence like a pile of newspapers in the driveway.
    6. Get to know your neighbors. They can keep an eye out when you are gone, and you can return the favor when they leave home.
    7. Reduce the landscaping around your home. This may seem like an odd addition to the list, but bushes and shrubs around a home make good hiding spots.
    8. At Christmastime, keep packages out of view of the windows. Passersby shouldn’t be able to tell how many packages little Suzie has under the tree.
    9. Consider contacting your local police department to do a check of your house. They might be able to suggest things you could do to improve security.

    This information is meant to be a broad overview and should not be the only source you consult for evaluating your risk management needs. Adherence to the above guidelines does not ensure coverage under your policy, nor does it guarantee your risk will be accepted by our company or that your property or operations are safe, healthful, or in compliance with laws, rules, or regulations. Coverage is determined by specific policy provisions, limitations and exclusions that can only be expressed in the policy itself.

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